Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're Moving!

Well, the blog is.  Sorry if I got you to do a double-take.  No I'm not, that would be funny.  I'd laugh a lot if you thought I was moving while nine months pregnant.  It's enough effort to figure out a new blog title and get it all set up.

It took me so long because all of the really good names that I wanted are already taken.  Our Pink Arrows is really about the girls and I wanted to broaden my focus some with the new title.  At the same time, I wanted to answer that question that every pregnant woman gets asked, "Are you done?"  As if now is really the best time to be making life-altering decisions.

While I heartily maintain that I will never be pregnant again (unless the Lord intervenes), the truth is that I am not done.  Our family remains open to how God may grow us, in number and character.  A common theme at our house is that "the journey is the destination."  We are growing, changing, learning, stretching, sharpening each other as a daily goal.  We are far from 'complete' and rejoice with great delight that God isn't finished with us yet.

So, I had hoped to rename the blog something along that line...not done, unfinished, work in progress, still working, etc.  But of course all permutations that I could think of were taken.  I guess we aren't the only ones that feel that way.  I had settled on a less profound solution for time's sake and spent several hours setting up that site and getting it ready.  Then as I was typing this post, a new idea came to me and it was available!!  Woo hoo!

Tune your dials to to see the new blog!  Please note that the title of the blog is Progress, Not Perfection.  But the url does not match exactly.  Somebody else already had progressnotperfection, so I just took out the not.  Already practicing the not perfect part!

Perhaps as I blog under the new title, I will be reminded that demanding perfection from myself and my loved ones only makes us all miserable.  I know we are to be pursuing the perfection that is Christ-likeness, but if I don't do it with His love, mercy and grace, then it will be a colossal disaster.  Somewhere in the journey of figuring out how to do that are lots of really great blog posts.

So, update your RSS feeders, or email subscriptions and make sure they point to the new url.  This is the last post at Our Pink Arrows!!  And I've got some real doozies to share this week.  See you at  Thanks for following!

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